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Turnkey Process Installation for foam, blown film cast film, pipe and profile, sheet and other plastics extrusion processes...whether you're adding, modifying or relocating!


Walter Cornell 

Don Davis  
Project Leader

David Garcia  
Project Leader


P.O. Box 207
Cocoa, FL 32923




Patented, pre-designed, 
pre-fabricated blown film towers.

RapidTower significantly lowers total tower/equipment erection costs   with quick delivery and faster set up. Truly modular parts come as a kit and can be configured for any unique layout  before the process equipment arrives. Pre-wiring and piping options are also available.

OSHA approved towers are compatible with most types of extrusion equipment including Addex, Alpine, Battenfeld Gloucester, Brampton, Kiefel, Egan, Sano, etc. and come in two basics lay-flat sizes (O - 63" and 64" - 94"). This low cost, versatile tower doesn't skimp on platform area can be stacked in  two, three or four levels. There is ample space for mounting support equipment saving valuable floor space. They can be retrofit for planned future changes. RapidTowers can easily move when relocating production lines & equipment.

There is no plant disruption while waiting for welders to finish. Tower assembly takes just 1-3 days using our crews or with your local rigging source and our assistance. Get a free layout of your next project.

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